Do you want to reach out?

 If you wish to get in touch, you can reach out via our e-mail address: 

 "[email protected]"
"[email protected]"

And, our Facebook page: "Hay Kanto" 

You can also leave us a message in the "Hearing from you" section below.

Who else to support?

Thanks to the Hay Kanto worldwide community who supports us daily, we manage to give high quality care for our Children and youth. We thank you so much for your generosity! 

Here are also partner organizations that we encourage you to follow as they are critical in making our work be impacting at so many levels:

EEP Soamandrakizay: Community Public Primary School
Grandir Dignement: NGO working in careral and re-entry care for justice-involved youth

If you wish to correspond with them, send us an email and we'll be very pleased to link you up. 

We would love hearing from you!


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